High School Exchange


Are you a family interested in hosting or a teacher/principal that wants to start a group exchange program for your school? Read our exchange guide for more details.

students jumpingWith such a connected world it is almost impossible to stand out without international experience.  The sooner students can get this experience the sooner they will be able to apply that experience to their lives.  By participating in an exchange program participants are introduced to a foreign culture but with the safety and guidance of a host that is equally motivated to learn more about you and your culture.

Costa Rica Frika’s high school group exchange program gives students the opportunity to host a student from Costa Rica, visit a student in Costa Rica, or do both.  Click the links for information about both opportunities.

Exchanging to Costa Rica

Hosting a student from Costa Rica

The university crew
Immersion: CHECK!

Having both options allows the program to reach more students than a traditional one way school trip.  Since the Costa Ricans typically visit first, students are exposed to a new culture and can then decide if they’d like to expand on the experience.

An exchange affects participants in many unique ways which is why the program always maintains flexibility so participants can get involved as much as they want.

For more information about the exchange, check out our FAQs, exchange guide, videos below and read about one of our exchanges to Wisconsin!


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