Fundraising Your Experience

Travel should be accessible for all, regardless of the cost.  There are many scholarship and fundraising opportunities available, especially for cultural exchange programs.  Take a look at the following links to help make your travel dreams a reality!

Costa Rica Frika HS Exchange Scholarship – Want help funding your exchange?  Submit to be considered for a scholarship.  Only open for CRF exchange to Costa Rica.  Deadline February 10th with awards announced beginning of March.

Costa Rican Coffee Sales– If you’d like to sell coffee to raise funds for your trip contact

CRF Ambassador Program– If your school hosting a high school from Costa Rica you can sign up to become your school’s ambassador.  The ambassador promotes the exchange and helps recruit host families to receive students during the winter exchange.  Ambassadors are then eligible to receive a partial scholarship for their program fee to exchange back to Costa Rica the following summer.  Contact the organizing teacher at your school or email for more info.

Fund My Travel– Similar to a GoFundMe page, however this caters especially to travel experiences.  Set up your page on the Costa Rica Frika portal to promote your trip and request donations from friends and family.

SYTA Youth Foundation Road Scholarship – Oct-Nov and Feb-March application periods for awards of up to $1,000.  Must be nominated by teacher, educator, school official or trip leader.  Groups can also be nominated for scholarships up to $5,000.

WAFLT Student Travel Scholarship (Wisconsin students only)– Opportunity to receive a $500 grant.  Must be nominated by a WAFLT member teacher.

Want to support a student? 

If you know a student that wants to exchange, donate directly to them.  Or, help fund our general scholarship fund by donating to our GoFundMe page, purchasing the Eyes Wild Open Ebook, buying Costa Rica exchange certified coffee, or contact director Dustin Dresser at to make a direct contribution to the fund. 100% of the proceeds go to support exchange scholarships to Costa Rica.