Teach and Travel

Quick facts:

Is this paid teaching?  YES.  You can earn $750/month or more as a full time teacher.

What are the fees?  Program fee is $750 which includes host family lodging and meals the first month.

What is the minimum stay?  Year long contracts (February 1st- December 15th with breaks in between).  Some 2-6 month contracts available.

Where exactly is it? San Ramon and Central Valley region of Costa Rica.

What exactly will I be doing?  Teaching!  You’ll have your own groups and be teaching in English.  Depending on school/academy it may be English teaching or some subject teaching (math, science etc) as well.


Bilingual schools and academies are growing in prominence as parents realize just how important it is for their children to learn English.  Not only to learn English, but to learn it from a Native speaker.  Due to this, schools and academies are actively looking for Native speakers and have turned to teach and travel providers to reach international candidates.


–          Gaining valuable international teaching experience

–          Exploring Costa Rica

–          Learning just as much Spanish and culture from the students as they learn English and culture from you

–          Opportunities to make new local and international friends


You will be contracted the same as Costa Rican teachers and will have the same schedule which includes:

  • Vacation time off (3-4 weeks depending on school/academy)
  • Full time or part time positions
  • Pay (per month): 600-750USD full, 250-400USD part time (actual amount will depend on exchangetangram activity with children rate)
  • Time off as needed to renew visa (teachers required to leave country every 90 days for 3 days)

Contract Dates:

February 1st to December 15th for year long contracts.  Must have full time commitment start to finish.  Travel opportunities during breaks and visa renewals.  Teacher may travel home to visit during long breaks.  Shorter contract dates vary, however most hiring happens in January.


Your first month’s host family accommodation will be covered in the program fee.  This will give you a chance to get acclimated to the culture and make friends.  After the first month you can decide if you want to continue with the family or you can move to an apartment.

Estimated monthly budget:

  • $200-$300 lodging
  • $200-$300 food
  • $5-$20 public bus transportation to/from school (most apartments/host families are walking distance from school
  • $100-$200 estimate for visa renewal trips every 90 days


Ages 20 and up.  Must have prior teaching experience, a TEFL or TESOL certificate, or be studying to be a teacher.

Should know some basic Spanish, however all teaching will be done in English.  Spanish lesson are available and recommended if level is low.

When Can I apply?

Schools and academies are very anxious to fill their staffing needs as soon as possible so it is recommended to apply as soon as possible as positions are opened until filled.  Most contracts begin in January or February and it is recommended to begin the process 1-3 months before arrival.

Tasks as a teacher:

o   In charge of group for entire school year or contract duration

o   Guide students on pronunciation, listening, writing, and reading skills

o   Participate in school/academy events, fundraisers, and extra curricular activities

o   Teach curriculum that school/academy provides

Services included:

o   Placement assistance: Follow-up, assistance throughout the placement

o   Teacher training provided by school/academy

o   Pre departure information pack – know more about just where exactly you are going

o   In country orientation

o   First month accommodation with host family

o   Airport pick up

o   Assistance 24/7 from local staff


Flights, visas, passports, and travel medical insurance are not included.

To apply:

  1. Please send email with cover letter or letter of motivation along with resume to dustin@costaricafrika.com.  Once received, you will be contacted to set up an interview.
  2. If first interview is satisfactory you will fill out a medical form, profile sheet, and submit $200 deposit if two or more months from start.
  3. An interview with the host school will be arranged.
  4. If successful, contract will be offered and remaining balance will be paid.
  5. Send flight information (check with Costa Rica Frika for recommendations on how to buy the flight).
  6. Send photo copy of passport and travel insurance.
  7. Get excited!

Refund policy:

  • $200 deposit is not refundable unless CRF is unable to get you an interview with a school/academy.
  • Remaining balance is 50% refundable if received by CRF at least two weeks prior to arrival.
  • No other refunds available.

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