Costa Rica Frika provides unique opportunities for full immersion into the culture of Costa Rica.  We do this by offering individual and group educational immersion experiences and exchanges. We specialize in voluntourism, eco-tourism, adventure, service and educational experiences.

If you’re looking to travel abroad but aren’t exactly sure what you want to do we have a variety of programs that could be right for you.  We’re here to assess your goals and suggest the best program to fit your needs.  Contact us!

Current Offerings:  

High School Exchange- Participate with your school as either a host or a participant on an exchange program. We are currently looking for families in Muskego/Mukwonago (Jan. 13-27) and Oconomowoc (Jan. 27-Feb. 10) to host Costa Rican high school students and teachers.


Virtual High School Exchange:  COVID cut our wings, but not our spirit!  Participate in our virtual exchange where we’ll embrace technology to conquer the physical divide.  Schools and students in the US and Costa Rica will pair for 2 months sharing and creating memories.

Teaching English as a Second Language course + job placement (Coming soon) – Great opportunity to get work and travel experience.  Get certified and then work in Costa Rica, online, or in other Latin American countries. Great for someone wanting a 6-12 month live and work abroad experience or for someone wanting to backpack throughout Latin America while supporting themselves as a digital nomad.

Individual experience- A solo experience involves volunteering and/or interning with the freedom to decide when, where, and how you want to shape your experience.  International experience is paramount for any career and any stage of life.  The cultural insight gained from an experience like this has the potential to change your life.  Participate in our core projects to find out just what we mean:

measuring a sea turtle

Sea Turtle Conservation- If you’re up for long walks on the beach at night and want to show solidarity with the many endangered sea turtles, then you’ve come to the right place.  Witness this natural event of turtles coming ashore to lay eggs and work to protect it from being exploited.  Without volunteers, poachers and invasive predators would rid the beach of turtle eggs and the already endangered species would be at risk of extinction.

Wild Animal Rescue Center- Through no fault of their own, these animals have been illegally domesticated, abandoned, electrocuted by power lines, or injured in the wild.  Each animal has their own sad story, which can only be told through their eyes.  Surrounded by these animals, you’ll feel a peace like no other being able to care for them.  What at first may seem shocking, will lead to a greater understanding of rainforest animals as you care for them and hopefully release the lucky ones back to their natural habitat.

tangram activity with children

English Language Teaching Assistant- This is your time to shine.  As a Native English speaker you can make a unique and substantial contribution to the community.  Dreams of a better life are all earned through hard work, and especially English, if you’re not a native speaker.  You will be moved by the value and prospects you can add to your student’s and teacher’s lives. 

Group Experience- 1-4 week service/educational projects allows your group to interact in the community while learning the local culture all with fun excursions packed into a great cultural experience.

raise funds for international travel

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