English Language Teaching Assistant

Quick facts:

What is the minimum stay?  Two weeks

Where exactly is it? San Ramon, Costa Rica

What exactly will I be doing?  Volunteering by assisting high school English teachers in their classes.  Providing individual and group tutoring to families and students.


Costa Rica, despite having a high number of English speaking tourists and many jobs in the call center industry, is still unable to fill all the open positions as the country’s English level is not high enough.  Many students, especially in rural areas, don’t see how English can help them advance and achieve a good paying job.  Your main objective is to encourage the students to speak English and to help them become knowledgeable about English speaking cultures to help prepare them for future interactions with English speakers.


  • Providing assistance, encouragement, inspiration, and confidence to hard working Costa Rican students looking to learn English.
  • Sharing your culture via interactive English lessons.
  • Exploring Costa Rica on the weekends!
  • Learning just as much Spanish and culture from the students as they learn from you.
  • Opportunities to make new local and international friends

Starting Dates:

Start dates are on Mondays from March until November, except during Holy week and the first two full weeks of July.  Volunteers should arrive to the country on Sunday.


Depending on project location the volunteer could stay with a family or live in a local hostel if available.  Most volunteers, however, prefer to stay with a family in order to integrate themselves more into the community.  With a family the volunteer receives breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekly laundry service.


Ages 20 and up.  Volunteer must come with the right attitude and enthusiasm for their work.  They need to be open and outgoing in order to get the most out of their experience.  Teaching experience is preferred as well as a TEFL certificate, however, this is not always the case and exceptions are made.

It is not necessary to be a fluent Spanish speaker, but the more you know will help you teach and your bond with the community will be much stronger.  There is the option to take classes before and/or during your volunteer term.

When Can I apply?

Placements are available throughout the year, however there may be a limited number available depending on the time of year.  It is advised to apply at least a couple months in advance to ensure availability.

Tasks as a volunteer:

    • Prepare speaking activities for classes and tutoring sessions.
    • Guide students on pronunciation, listening, writing, and reading skills.
    • Prepare cultural enrichment activities for classes when asked to do so.
    • Serve as a cultural and lingual resource inside and outside of class, whether with students, teachers, or the community.

Services included:

o   Volunteer placement: Follow-up, assistance throughout the placement

o   Pre departure information

o   In country orientation

o   Accommodation

o   Airport pick up and drop off to/from San Ramon

o   Assistance 24/7 from local staff


Flights, visas (if necessary), vaccines, passports, and health insurance (required) are not included.  We are able to help in arranging flights and insurance.

Optional Activities:

–          Spanish lessons before and/or during your placement

–          Weekend excursions to volcanoes, national parks, or the beach

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