Individual Experience

English Language Teaching Assistant

Volunteer your time assisting area English teachers in their classes and host your own conversation groups.  Help teachers improve their English and confidence when speaking.  Become part of a community where everyone knows your name, and become invested in the language learning success of your students.

At this center you have the opportunity to care for injured and confiscated animals. Help these animals improve their health by feeding them and providing them with a safe social environment.  In addition learn about the center’s history and the projects you can do to beautify it!

This is a great opportunity to work on your Spanish and get to know the locals well.  Opportunities involve working with children ranging in age from 2 months to 15 years old and all come from difficult family situations.  Volunteer your time at orphanages, community centers and before and after school daycares.

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One only needs to travel a few minutes to realize the roads are not up to typical North American standards.  Not only the roads, but there are also many other community projects that lack funding and manpower.  On this project you will be helping a local community with one of their projects  such as building a house for a low income family.

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Costa Rica is proud to say that 25% of the national territory is designated as protected nature reserves however there are not enough resources to adequately maintain them. Volunteer by protecting the rainforest so plants and animals don’t see their habitats destroyed for economic gain.  In this project you’ll have the opportunity to work with park rangers as they perform their daily tasks.  SPANISH REQUIRED.

Have a talent but don’t see a project that’s right for you? Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to find a project that best meets your needs.
Read/watch what our volunteers have to say about their experience!

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