Group Experiences

Travel and study abroad are important landmarks in most people’s lives and it is our ???????????????????????????????goal to ensure that it is a worry-free experience.  That’s why you’ll see that our group experiences include all lodging, transportation, activities and most meals.  Embrace the people, the culture, the language, and the scenery — let us take care of the logistics.  

Group experiences are designed for an immersion experience and therefore are ideal groups of three (3!) or more people that:

– Want international experience but do not have the time or the money to commit to a long-term program.

-Want to get a quick, but in-depth look at a new culture/country.

-Want hassle-free travel so they can focus on getting the most out of the immersion experience.

-Want a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

Read on to find out more about our tour offerings!

Educational Immersion (9 days):

How do man and nature co-exist in the tropics?  This experience explores the importance of conservation and the struggles of developing a sustainable economy in one of the world’s most bio diverse regions.

Highlights: Poas Volcano, beach day on an island, San Ramon culture tour, cano negro boat trip, rafting/ziplining.

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Performance Immersion (9 days):

Take your band or choir to Costa Rica!  With ample performance and tourist activities throughout this trip your group will have an experience like no other!

Highlights: Poas Volcano, beach day on an island, performance opportunities and exchanges, rappelling/zip lining.

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Youth Immersion (1-4 weeks):

Immerse yourself in the tropical rainforest by volunteering! Here you will have the

Working with the rangers

opportunity to volunteer at an array of social and environmental projects designed to allow you to donate your time and service in exchange for learning more about the country and culture of Costa Rica. alongside park rangers and help them accomplish their daily tasks.  From there participate in tourist activities in La Fortuna and finish your trip at the beach for a few days.  Great for school groups!

Highlights: Volunteering at orphanages, community centers, schools, animal rescue centers, wildlife refuges,  cultural exchanges, hot springs and beach visits.     

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Adventure Immersion (9 days):

The tour starts immediately upon arrival to the San José airport.  From there you will

Adventure anyone?
Adventure anyone?

travel to the quaint town of San Ramón where the adventure begins.  Experience the thrill of literally flying through the rainforest on a zip line canopy tour.  Spend a night in a wildlife refuge, hike through virgin rainforest, experience whitewater rafting Costa Rica style.  Finally relax in volcanic hot springs and pamper yourself at the beach for two nights!

Highlights: Visit an animal rescue center and national park.  Zip line canopy tour, whitewater rafting, hot springs, canyoning, horseback riding, two night beach stay.

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Leisure Immersion (9 days): 

Come explore the pristine beaches and rainforest of Costa Rica at a comfortable and relaxed pace.  Spend a night in a wildlife refuge, walk through virgin rainforest, view exotic wildlife on a boat tour.  Also relax in volcanic hot springs and pamper yourself at the beach during your two night beach hotel stay.

Highlights: Visit an animal rescue center and national park. Hot springs, night hike, beach stay.

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*Please note that all activities are subject to change due to availability and unforeseen circumstances.  Working in developing countries presents its challenges at times and we do our best working with our affiliates to ensure that all activities will be possible.* 


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