Youth Immersion Experience

Experience Costa Rica by immersing yourself in the tropical rainforest.  Choose from a 1-4 week experience where you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the culture of Costa Rica by performing service work in a variety of areas.  The primary objective of this program is for a full immersion experience into the community via service work with tourist excursions planned throughout the experience.  Time will also be spent reflecting on the experience and how it can be applied to your everyday life back at home.  Choose one project for the duration of the experience or mix and match to get the most out of your Costa Rican experience.

About the projects:

Animal Rescue Center:

At this site groups are tasked with caring for rescued rainforest animals.  Some are injured in the wild by predators and other are confiscated from poachers who illegally take them from the forest.  Tasks include feeding, care, and habitat beautification/creation. Read more

Social Projects (Orphanages, Community Centers):

Imagine having a family of 14 ages 1-11 years old.  That is what the situation is at Costa Rican orphanages.  The children at these centers are all looking for attention and there is not enough to go around.  Service work here involves putting on day camps for the children in both the morning and afternoon.  Playground games and arts and craft activities are the basis for you to build a relationship with a child and give them someone to look up to.  Read more

Sea Turtle Refuge:

Experience one of the mother nature’s most amazing feats occurs right here on the beaches of Costa Rica! Called arribadas, sea turtles come on shore at night by the thousands to lay their eggs.  Due to climate change and illegal poaching it has become of utmost importance to protect these nesting sites.  From the time the eggs are laid to the time they hatch and make their way to sea we are responsible for making sure they can do this safely.

Group tasks involve night beach patrols, tagging and measuring turtles, maintaining the beach clean and free of debris and trash, and supervising the safe journey of the baby sea turtles to the sea.  Read more

Wildlife Refuge (9 day, 14 day):

Here you will travel way off the beaten path into the rainforest where only ATV and 4WD vehicles can go.   Stay at the biological station and help with the park rangers complete their tasks.  Projects range from trail and sign maintenance work to beautification projects.  Work with the guides during the day and then take the afternoon off to hike the trails, swim in the lagoon or relax at the lodge.

Group Experience Dates: Year round.

Number of Participants: 3 and up!

Experience Cost (per participant): Cost depends on duration, service project, and activities.  This will be explained in detail during trip planning stage.

What it includes:

  • Airport shuttle on arrival and departure dates
  • Daily transports for all activities associated with itinerary
  • All shared lodging for duration of tour
  • Meals
  • Entrance fee to tourist activities

What it doesn’t include:


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