University Study Abroad Programs

Many students who go abroad during their time at university say it was one of the best experiences of their life.

Study Abroad participants from University of Minnesota

Not only because it is an amazing way to explore a new place, but it also gives you the opportunity for personal development, learning about a new culture, and to improve your language and professional skills. Also, in the coming age of globalization, it is characteristics that one gains while abroad that employers are looking for. 

Our student programs offer experience within certain fields and cultural activities.  So, what are you waiting for? Get one step closer to your dream career, and Come see our Freeka!

What is included:

  • Students are lodged in dorm rooms at Hostel Sabana.
  • Rooms sleep 4-7 students and each room has a private bath/shower. Hostel has 7 rooms.
  • WIFI, laundry and shared kitchen available for student use.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided usually at the hostel or the cook’s home. Food is local and can meet any dietary restrictions.
  • Transportation provided, as per itinerary, by insured, registered, tourism/student shuttle bus companies.

When is it offered?

The program has always been held in early January for two weeks, but is also available during May and summer term. Individual students can come for directed study year round.

If your program works with the Costa Rica public university (UCR) semesters are March- June and August-November.


img_0117.jpgMaster of Professional Studies in Integrated Behavior Health and Addictions Counseling

This profession is growing worldwide, and San Ramon has a demand for these individuals. Students will learn about addictions and treatments available in San Ramon through visits with NGOs and government institutions.

Master of Professional Studies in Horticulture

Plant life is abundant all over Costa Rica, and San Ramon is no exception. Project opportunities with this program include working with local farmers, a plant laboratory, at the watershed district of Piedades Norte, or with a botanical garden.

2016-01-09 12.35.17.jpgMaster of Biological Sciences

Countless opportunities depending on student’s interest.Some examples of prior programs have included work at an animal rescue center, assisted living facility,  dentist offices, UCR laguito, UCR Natural Resource Management students, and the watershed district of Piedades Norte.

Master of Professional Studies in Arts and Cultural Leadershipsan ramon church.JPG

San Ramon is known as city of poets and presidents. The town has a dedicated art museum and public museum that often showcases exhibits. They also have many fairs throughout the year where artists can display work. With this program, students have the opportunity to work with museums, art groups, and organizations in the area.

Bachelor in IT Infrastructure

This is an up and coming field in Costa Rica and San Ramon. Collaboration opportunities exist via UCR and their bachelor degree in Business IT. Potential case study opportunity in San José at software development firm with branch offices throughout the country. Additional site visits available in free trade zone near San Ramon.

IMG_0116.jpgBachelor in Manufacturing Operations Management

San Ramon’s industrial manufacturer is Ecoplast. They primarily produce plastic bags for retail, and industrial use. Large scale factory operations involve coffee and sugar cane processing. Near to San Ramon there is a free trade zone with more operations such as medical manufacturing (St. Jude, Boston Scientific, Pfizer etc).

Bachelor in Construction and Facilities Management

An opportunity that fits perfectly into a J-term. Meet with NGOs , government organizations, and universities to help them develop a construction proposal to expand operations. Guide them, as they often have little to no idea what costs are, or what the best type of design would be to meet both thStudents on construction siteeir present, and future needs. Past projects include new construction and additions/remodels for orphanages, assisted living facilities, health clinics, and community buildings.

Bachelor in Health Services Management

Dig into the realities of health care and how it is administered regionally in Costa Rica. Opportunities to meet and interview health directors, doctors, nurses and government health officials. Projects include evaluating existing health care facilities and investigating and recommending ways for facilities to improve services.

Minor in Translation

This program includes the opportunity to assist study abroad students by translating and interpreting for them in their respective projects. Will encounter formal and informal Spanish unique to Costa Rica. Opportunities to meet and interview Costa Rican interpreters and translators.


If interested, or looking for more information on our programs, don’t hesitate to contact us!