Name: Ameillia, Kaylee
Program: High School Exchange

These students reflect on the host family experience, both hosting in the United States and being hosted in Costa Rica:

Name: Matthew, Matt, Keydor
Program: High School Exchange

These guys tell us what it is both like to host and travel on exchange:


Name: Micala
Volunteer Program: Wild Animal Rescue Center

Listen to and watch what she has to say about her experience:


Name: Taegan
Volunteer Program: Orphanage

Taegan shared her experience at the orphanage and what a typical day looks like:


Name: Iesha
Volunteer Program: English Language Teaching Assistant

Listen to what Iesha had to say about her experience:


Name: Noah
Volunteer Program: Community Construction 

“Overall, I definitely say it was one of the best experiences of my life!”

construction volunteer poseI’ve learned a lot of things about the country and myself. Learning Spanish has been a huge feat for me, and being able to speak to people, and just meeting a lot of amazing people on the trip has been incredible.

I’d have to say how friendly the guys were and how easy it was to get to know them. They all took their time to try to talk to me and try to speak what little English they knew and tried to help me learn Spanish. So that we really got to know each other well and within a week it seemed like we were all just good buddies hanging out at work. It was a really friendly atmosphere.



Name: Daniela
Volunteer Program: Community Construction

“This experience was absolutely amazing and life changing.”

Construction volunteer on ladderI was surprised at how friendly and welcoming everyone was. I knew people were going to be friendly but I wasn’t expecting so much warmth and care coming from strangers.

Bring lots of sun screen and an open mind. There are a lot of things to see and experience in Costa Rica so it is good to take a look at some of the things to do before you arrive to Costa Rica, that way you spend more time enjoying and less time planning.

Lodging experience was amazing. The hostel is located in an excellent are with easy access to many restaurant and supermarkets so it is very easy to find food and any other items needed. The accommodations were very good as well, clean and comfortable. Best of all is the family that owns the hostel. I felt like I was living with a family because they were so kind.


Name: Clement
Volunteer Program: Community Construction

“The volunteer experience itself was enlightening.”volunteer on bus

My favorite part of the experience was the immersion into the Costa Rican culture. Spending time in areas not destined for tourism really allows the chance to learn the language, eat the local food (besides hamburgers and fries) and learn about the societal values that locals hold.

The language barrier was very difficult to overcome as well and I wish I had known that the construction workers did not speak any English.  Staying in a small town meant that a lot of the locals spoke very little English. As you migrate towards larger urban hubs or tourist locations, there are a lot more English-speaking people.

The staff (family run) were incredibly friendly and accommodating. The hostel is located at northwest corner of town, so be prepared to do some walking. If walking isn’t something you want to do, there’s a taxi stop just a block down. Most of the restaurants and amenities (ie. banks, convenience stores, grocery stores, hospital/ clinics) are within reasonable distance – plus it’s a good chance to see the town.




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