ESL teach abroad

Complete our internationally accredited 120hr TESOL certification in San Ramon in 4 weeks which qualifies you to teach in Costa Rica and many other countries all over the world.

The perfect way to fund a travel abroad experience, a TESOL certificate allows you the freedom to live and work all over the world. Our 120hr course teaches the principles of English teaching giving you the foundation and practical experience to embark on a teaching journey. Learn about theory, lesson planning, and the nitty gritty cultural details to thrive teaching abroad.

An in person course in a non-touristy mid size Costa Rican town allows for so much personal growth. Spend your days learning with like minded individuals that not only want to teach English, but also want to experience a new culture and make long lasting local and international friends. Your classmates become your network and are there to live and experience everything for the first time, just like you.


Lifetime Placement Guarantee

All participants that opt for job post course are eligible for our lifetime placement guarantee across our network.

40hr Cultural Orientation Experience

In addition to the TESOL certificate you’ll get a unique and immersive orientation week to get you culturally competent and acclimated to your new home!

History and Traditions

You’ll be briefed on the history of the country and how it has shaped culture and traditions. You’ll immerse yourself in it participating in dance and cooking classes.

Spanish Language Classes

Learn Spanish with language lessons included throughout orientation to get you familiar with the basics.

Weekend Getaways

Explore the coast and the rain forest! With multiple destinations nearby take advantage to get to know the country and its beauty.


Costa Rica just so happens to be one of the most diverse travel destinations in the world with so much to experience when it comes to culture, and food. When it comes to the scenery and adventure you may find yourself overwhelmed with all the options available – from white to sand beaches, to tropical rain forests, to volcanoes, to coffee plantations.

Start your journey today!

Intakes 2023

  • January 23
  • April 24
  • June 5
  • July 17
  • September 4
  • November 27