About us

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Founder’s note:

I first arrived in Costa Rica in January 2006 as a fresh-faced university sophomore looking for a change of scenery and a new language in which write my story. I remember clearing customs and staring down the airport doors that would lead me into a new world and trying desperately not to let my hands shake. I was nervous and alone, but I was also inexplicably sure that I had come to the place that had been calling me.

After a rewarding six-month homestay and volunteer experience, letting go of this incredible country was out of the question. So, I came back for more and more and when the timing was right, Costa Rica Frika /free-ka/ was born. The mission of Costa Rica Frika is to deliver that same unforgettable experience that set me on my own path by providing travelers with specialized services, personal contacts, and in-depth language and cultural immersion in a warm and welcoming environment. 

Volunteer eating pizza

Simply put: We want to be the ones waiting for you on the other side of those airport doors. It is a feeling shared by most travelers: we have uncovered a remarkable place and are eager to share it and live it over and over again with others. We want to be the ones to introduce you to the Pura Vida culture and watch you grow and learn about yourself in the process. Our goal is for you to feel FREE(ka) from your daily constraints and routines. Leave your own culture behind and reinvent yourself. Open your mind to new thoughts, beliefs, sights, sounds, and flavors and keep your smile close by.

Costa Rica Frika believes that a trip that involves cultural immersion is a life-defining moment. No matter your age – young, old, or “too old”, there is still room to grow and there is still so much to know! Since 2012, we have worked with groups and individuals to give them an unfo

rgettable immersion experience through touring, volunteering, or learning – and we hope to see you next!

Saludos and ¡Pura vida!

-Dustin Dresser, Founder



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