Does your band or choir want to perform internationally?  This experience allows for performances at local events and provides an opportunity to share with local area bands and choirs.  With fun excursions sandwiched between performances your group will see just how enriching this experience can be.

Day 1:

  • Arrive to San Jose, transfer to San Ramon for welcome dinner.  Evening walk to the central park and church of San Ramon.
Day 2:
  • Your first performance opportunity begins at a local community event.  Depending on the time of year you could play at a fundraising event, a horse parade, an art festival, or even in a parade.
Day 3:
  • First high school visit. Spend the day sharing and learning about the band culture in Costa Rica.  Perform and teach each other new routines and rhythms.
Day 4:
  • Second high school visit.  Armed with the knowledge from the first visit perform and co-perform with this band.
  • In the afternoon we’ll take a short trip to experience the thrill of flying through the rainforest on a zip line canopy tour.
Day 5:
  • Tortuga island:  Time for some sun.  It wouldn’t be Costa Rica without a visit to a tropical beach.  We’ll take it one step further by going to a tropical island!  Enjoy passage by boat out to the island for a day of fun in the sun.  Lunch is served on the beach with music and activities.  Take a book or journal with you to reflect as you are now at the halfway point of your experience.

Day 6:

  • Take in the rainforest scenery from the fast lane as we rappel down the falls of the mighty Arenal volcano region. Similar to canopy zip lining except going down rock and waterfall faces you’re sure to have a fun and unforgettable experience.
  • After the adrenaline rush we’ll get some lunch and then relax at the nearby hot springs.

Day 7:

  • Visit to Poas volcano, currently one of the most active volcanoes in Costa Rica.  Visitors are able to view down into the crater from a look out point and hike some of the nearby trails.  We’ll visit the visitor’s center to learn about all the volcanoes of Costa Rica.
  • After coming down the mountain we’ll stop for lunch at the Juan Santamaria Museum in Alajuela and learn why he is considered a war hero and why he is so important to the people of Alajuela.
  • Finally, to close out the day we will visit an animal rescue center to learn about the rainforest animals and why they had/have to be rescued.  Animal holding opportunities!
Day 8:
  • We’ll close out the trip with one last performance opportunity.  Finish off the tour with a bang by wowing the host community at one of their area festivals.
  • Back in San Ramon be ready for a very special going away party as we prepare you for departure.
Day 9:
  • Breakfast and shuttle to the airport.  Just like that your experience has come to an end.  We hope you enjoyed it and wish you safe travels back home.  Pura vida!

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