This Week in San Ramon….

Some observations around town the past week or so…

Tractor parked on city street

Tractor parking downtown San Ramon

I know you are thinking how dumb can this guy be for parking on yellow?  Well that isn’t a concern for anybody here, notice the van parked facing oncoming traffic?  My guess is he ran out of compost for his coffee plants and decided to drive into town to get it rather than pay for a truck to come out and deliver.  While in town he probably spotted a friend and pulled over to have coffee with them.


Biker-dog gang on the streets of SRMotorcycle dog

You should probably keep your dogs at home, at least on a leash, unless you want problems with this little guy.  Known to cruise the streets and frequent the park on the weekends, he’s as tough as they come.  Although, he keeps a pretty straight face whether going 0mph or 50mph.


Friendly squirrels at the park

These little love squirrels put on quite the show at the park.  Ahhh, to be young and in love.  They seem pretty content and hopefully the won’t get hassled by the biker dog gang.

squirrels on treesquirrels on tree








The Gods love San Ramon

I can count the number of times I’ve seen a rainbow on my hands and never would have imagined I’d witness a double rainbow, but stranger things have happened.  This picture doesn’t quite capture how we saw it live, but it has been a good luck charm for us since the day we saw it.

Double Rainbow


Reminds me of the time I witnessed this in La Fortuna:

Sky divided